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AsusReviews is dedicated to bringing you the latest Asus news, products and computer technology in general.  AsusReviews covers a wide verity of computer related topics.  These include notebooks, desktops, PDA's, phones, motherboards, processors, tablet pc's, software, web development, computer programming and much more!  AsusReviews is currently under development.  Feel free to join the forums as soon as they are up.  If you have any questions or comments, please fell free to contact the webmaster at webmaster@asusreviews.com.

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     ASUS Wins 3 Best Choice Awards for Notebooks and Wireless Products

This year, the competition heated up as the ASUS U1F and ASUS Lamborghini VX2 notebooks; and the ASUS WL-500W Super Speed N Multi-Functional Wireless Router all earned Best Choice Awards in the Notebook and Wireless categories.

Click here to read and view pictures on our forums!


     Tech Deal: 1GB of PNY DDR2-667Mhz $9.99AR at Newegg!

This memory will work in just about any notebook that uses DDR2.  It runs at DDR2-400, 533, or 667!

More info on our forums!



     Asus EEE 701

Asus is working on manufacturing their own mini-laptop.  This new line of small, affordable notebooks they call their EEE line.  Easy to learn, easy to play, easy to work.  The notebook will have a display size similar to portable DVD players.  It will feature a flash hard drive, a webcam and microphone.

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     New Corsair Dominiator DDR3 RAM overclocks to 2Ghz!

Corsair tested out their new DDR3 Dominator RAM series overclocking success.  Corsair's engineers overclocked a 1GB stick of DDR3 Dominator RAM all the way up to 2Ghz!

Click here to read more and view pictures on our Forums!


     nVidias G80 graphics card line up!

Nvidia will be releasing several more G80 cards shortly.  These cards range from the low end 8100GS with GDDR2 memory and with 32 stream processors to the high end nVidia 8950GX with 1GB of GDDR4 memory with 192 stream processors!

Read more, and view a complete chart on our Forums!


Asus' Showcase at Computex 2007

Asus will be showing off a variety of new products this year at Computex 2007.  Some of the highlights include:  The Asus C90 upgradeable notebook, the ROG Blitz Extreme Motherboard, AquaTank2 water cooler for the X2900XT, the SL1200 Broadband VPN Router, and the DAV Center A33 Digital Home Solution.

Discuss, read more, and view pictures on our forums!


Asus G1s-A1 Review:

The Asus G1 15.4" laptop was released at the end if 2006 and recently Asus has updated that model with the Santa Rosa based G1S. This G1S defies traditional categorization since it provides gaming performance while maintaining a mobile capability.

Click here to read more and comment on the G1s!



     Intel Core 2 Duo Overclocking Guide!

The guide can be found on our forums and covers the basics of overclocking a Core 2 Duo CPU.  Or any socket 775 chip for that matter.  Guide covers FSB, Multiplier, PCI-E, RAM, North Bridge, Vcore as well as much more!

Read the complete guide and post comments on our forum!


     Asus Video Reviews and Tutorial Downloads!

I just posted some some video download links to some popular Asus notebooks.  This includes the Asus W7j, V2je, G1, V1jp A8j, W3j as well as many others.

Click here to visit our forums and start downloading!



     The new fastest graphics card on the planet - 8800 Ultra!

Nvidia recently announced their 8800 Ultra graphics card.  It will perform between 10 and 15% faster then their previous most powerful graphics card, the 8800GTX.  The 8800GTX right now runs a little over $500, while the 8800 Ultra will have a suggested retail price of $829 and higher!  The 8800 Ultra, like the 8800GTX, will feature 768MB's of dedicated video memory.....

Read more and discuss about the 8800 Ultra on our forums!


     AMD Aims to surpass Intel with new Quad Core Architecture

AMD claims that their quad core CPU's will be different than the competitors quad core CPU's. AMD will be releasing "native" quad core CPU"s. Not "dual, dual cores" as AMD's FX product manager stated....

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