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Super Pi Mod

     Super Pi is a small CPU benchmarking program. Super pi, calculates pi (3.14159..) to millions of digits. It is a great way to compare one CPU against another. It is also great for measuring overclocking performance increases. Click icon to Download! Download super_pi_mod-1_5.zip


     CPU-Z is a small program that will give you various information about your computer hardware. It displays CPU information (multiplier, FSB, voltage etc.) motherboard information as well as information about RAM. Download cpu-z-139.zip


     MemTest is a small program that will check your memory for errors. It is a great little program to use if you think you have memory problems, or if your trying to overclock or tighten the timings of your memory. Download MemTest.zip

Core Temp

     Core Temp is a good program for monitoring your system temperatures. Download CoreTemp.zip

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